FirepitsThe patio or deck on your property is an excellent feature that extends the indoor living spaces of your home. They add expanse and openness to your home and become the perfect space to entertain friends and relax with your family. The open yards space can also be used more functionally, but would need some additions as well. While these areas can be used in the summer months, they can become a little uncomfortable in the colder months.

This is where firepit installations come into the picture. We at Keyestone Interlocking Paving Contractors, Inc have been providing high grade stone fire pit installations to customers in and around Naples, Fort Meyers, Lee County, Bonita Beach Area as well as Collier County. We know what it takes to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions that work perfectly for them.

Benefits of a Fire Pit Installation

Over the years, we have handled large and small projects for residential customers; we are highly committed to maintaining very high quality standards and ensuring that the work gets done within the stipulated period of time and to the 100% satisfaction of our customers. Take a look why it’s a good idea to opt for this feature:

  • Compact structure- While some people do prefer to get a fireplace installed; many also don’t really want a large fire feature on their property. A fire pit is an excellent installation in these situations. A fire pit provides you the warmth you want and creates the ambience you want, without being obstructive in any way. This installation can easily be positioned in a corner of your yard; alternatively, you can choose to get it installed on a patio or deck as well. Since it has a very small footprint, it can fit beautifully into any space.

  • The ideal leisure spot- A brick firepit creates an excellent ambience on your property and the campfire-like atmosphere it creates adds a distinct charm to your backyard.

  • Range of styling- You can choose from different styles, sizes, fire pit design and materials while building the fire pits. This flexibility helps you create the kind of look you want on your property. We can create rustic-looking fire pits using bricks; the ones made of natural stone also add a very elegant look and complement the look of any type of setting.

  • Cost-effective- If you choose to get a concrete firepit, we can get stone or brick veneer installed on the outer surfaces. This type of a structure is considerably more cost-effective than one made of natural stone or brick. Even otherwise, since the firepit is considerably smaller in size than a fireplace, it’s also much cheaper and can fit into a modest budget as well.

If you are looking for aesthetically appealing and long-lasting paver installations, you need look no further than Keyestone Interlocking Paving Contractors, Inc. Simply call us at 239-793-4422 with your project details and discuss your requirements and the fire pit cost with our experts. We assure you of high grade solutions at the best patio paver cost. Feel free to contact us via this online form or email too.

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